5 Acupoints to Help You Navigate Your Stress This Winter

There are several acupressure points that are known to treat stress and stress related symptoms. It’s important to understand that acupressure is not the only form of treatment and having a balanced diet, exercise regime and lifestyle will also decrease the chances of stress being a factor in your life. continue reading »

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Stay Healthy This Winter with a Balanced Qi

Winter’s element is water and is associated with the kidneys, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered the source of all qi and energy within the body. Winter is also associated with the bladder and adrenal glands.

Focusing on inner reflection, rest, energy conservation and storage during the winter months is when it’s most important as it helps us to properly nourish our Kidney Qi.

Below are a few methods you can learn about and apply during this season in order to maintain a balanced qi. continue reading »

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I am over the moon happy with Deborah

No more IBS, IBS-D, or OCD for me!

I am over the moon happy with Deborah. She has helped me rid myself of these horrible debilitating symptoms and the
dangerous drugs used to aid in subduing these disorders.

I have been able to eat what I want without literally eating a hand full of stomach pills before and after the food. For example Tums, Zantac, Pepcid, etc. which are not the healthiest of medications. We are now working on the issues surrounding my psoriasis.

Thank you Deborah!

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Excruciating pain in my lower hips and back

Hello! I have never written a testimonial before but, I do feel my story needs to be heard. My name is Tom and I am 61 years old. For the last 7 plus years, I have suffered from excruciating pain in my lower hips and back when attempting to walk more than 50 yards. The symptoms would be burning and stabbing pains going down the front of my legs, my hips feeling like steel rods are being driven into the sides of my hips and lower back pain. The pain was so bad at one point, just sitting in the chair watching TV the top of my legs would feel like they were numb, asleep and tingling. Then it would feel like knives were being jammed into them. I have a knot a little larger than a golf ball in my left butt cheek and I was told it was my piriformis muscle ceased and was part of the pain and walking problem.

The things I have tried in the last 7 years to correct this condition were countless X-rays and MRIs, physical therapy, heat massage, and electroshock therapy. In addition, I’ve had Cortisone and Steroid shots put into my hips and lower back as well. I have tried chiropractor adjustments too! I even went as far as attempting dry needling. (Which was no fun!) None of this gave me any relief whatsoever. The doctors and even orthopedic surgeons went as far as to tell me it was not arthritis or bursitis. So, after being told what it’s not over and over and over again, I started to believe that this is just the way the rest of my life will be when it comes to walking.

Then a co-worker of my wife’s mentioned to her about acupuncture. A friend of hers was treated by an acupuncturist in Virginia Beach and had excellent results. So, my wife researched acupuncture in the Bedford/Lynchburg area and we talked it over. I was very reluctant and did not believe it would do me any good but, thinking to myself, at this point, what do I have to lose. So, we chose Acupuncture Works LLC, spoke and met with Deborah Farley. I told Deborah my pain history and admitted I did not have a lot of faith in acupuncture. I really and truly thought it was BS! Deborah’s reply to me was, “one of the great things about acupuncture is you don’t have to believe in it, in order for it to work.” So, I had my first session. After it was over, my wife and I were walking back to the car and she pointed out to me that I was not limping and I was standing up straight while I was walking! I am now here to tell you straight up, we left there, went to two separate grocery and department stores, and I walked around for over an hour with no pain at all! When we got back home, I unloaded the groceries and other goods we had bought which consisted of 5 to 6 trips up and down five steps carrying the stuff into my home with absolutely no problem. The following Friday I had another treatment came home got up Saturday and Sunday and raked leaves as well as used the leaf blower for approximately 6 to 7 hours each day with no pain. I have to admit at this point I had a tear in my eye. I was truly amazed that I could walk without pain, it had been so long. I have gone back for 1 more treatment and now I have been on a three-week break of no treatments and still walking around with virtually no pain! So, bottom line, this good ole’ southern country boy is eating a lot of crow and admitting acupuncture from Deborah Farley at Acupuncture Works LLC, really can make a difference in your life.

One final note; she is currently treating me for the alpha-gal allergy and I am expecting nothing but great results with that too! The very best advice I can give anyone if you are having any kind of health problems call her. The only thing you possibly have to lose is a phone call but please do not hesitate calling Deborah at acupuncture Works LLC at 434-237-0302 you will not regret it!
Living life to the fullest again thanks to Deborah!

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Acupuncture for Treating Depression

Depression has a tendency to rear its head when we feel overwhelmed or out of balance. Hopefully, we can pull ourselves out of the depressed state and continue on with everyday life. But, that is not always the case. Clinical depression affects upwards of 16 million adults in the United States. Typically, doctors prescribe antidepressants, but alternative methods, like acupuncture, work just as effectively as antidepressants without any negative side effects.

acupuncture for depression

Whereas antidepressants address the symptoms of depression and ignore the root causes, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help alleviate symptoms of depression while also attacking the root cause(s). In this way, TCM brings the body and mind back into balance. Rather than ignoring the connection between the body and mind, acupuncturists approach treatment from a holistic standpoint. When we experience emotional challenges and upset, our physical body may become affected as well. Then a vicious cycle begins, because the emotions are greatly impacted by what we can and cannot do physically.        

Long term imbalances in both our physical bodies and our minds can lead to a state of depression. This depression affects our qi (pronounced “chee”), or vital energy. Qi animates the body while guarding it from pain and illness. When Qi is blocked and unable to flow properly throughout the body and mind, stagnation is created which can lead to depression. Acupuncture helps to unblock these areas of stagnation, allowing qi to flow freely again. When the qi flows freely, physical pain and mental anguish will dissipate over time and the depression will lift.

For those who suffer with severe depression, acupuncture may not be enough. This is where other elements of TCM come into play. Things such as herbal formulas can be excellent additives for helping people cope with depression. There are several Chinese herbal formulas that work very well. One of the most commonly used formulas is Chai Hu Shu Gan San. This formula contains things like white peony root, tangerine peels and bitter orange that help boost or tonify the qi. Many times, natural remedies are a better choice for those suffering from depression, as there are far fewer side effects than found in prescription pharmaceuticals.

Techniques like tai chi or qi gong are other ways to help battle depression naturally. Tai chi and qi gong bring the body and mind back into balance by decreasing stress and allowing the person performing it to focus all of their intentions on the movements. This allows the mind to relax, which in turn relaxes the body. Tai chi and qi gong also increase oxygen flow into the muscles, allowing for increased mobility.

If you are somebody who suffers from depression and you are looking for natural, holistic solutions, TCM may be the right choice for you.

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